Dear guests,

HighRest restaurant has opened its hospitable doors to offer you a memorable, inspired and well delivered dining experience. You will appreciate modern and classy presentation of our culinary delights inspired by original recipes from ancient Armenia’s Sasun region. Loyal to our ambition of reviving the traditional Armenian cuisine, we select only the freshest seasonal Armenian produce and then pair it with an exclusive wine list or select homemade fruit vodka.

Reserve your table for a romantic dinner, to celebrate a family occasion, or to treat your special guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Discover your sacred reason to love HighRest!

Our story

HighRest is a crossroad of my dreams and expression of my hospitable personality. For many years I’ve cherished the idea to create a place where everyone can have a sense of home. By putting passion and enthusiasm in every element of design and menu, I want our guests to enjoy the positive aura, individual attention, and superior service.

Our original daily specials are crafted with love and care by my family and our amazing chef to help the guests indulge very familiar, yet new and sophisticated flavors of traditional Armenian food.

Truly yours, Gabriel Karapetyan.

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Days & hours:
Monday - Sunday
11:00 - 24:00
+374 11 21 21 11

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Guest reviews

"Good food is an important part of the Armenian traditions. In every household the tradition of entertaining guests graciously is an integral part of the Armenian mentality. At HighRest the Armenian traditional food is prepared with freshest seasonal products. The dishes are extremely delicious, innovative and elegantly presented."

"HighRest is without a question one of the best restaurants not only in Armenia but in the world."

"HighRest is an interesting restaurant that serves traditional, ancient Armenian food."

"Very good food. Excellent music. Nice drink. Nice atmosphere. A nice place simply."